Computer Automation and Solutions

Computer Support and Automation for Small Business

Computer Automation and Solutions

Computer Automation Services is the core of Kwik computer. We love machine, and what we love even more is writing script to automate a daily repetitive task. If your business could use Automation, please consult us to learn more

Computer Support Plan

Does your business need an IT department that can take care of multiple aspects of your Business? We aim to become one shop tech shop. we provide both Software and hardware support for Small business.

Kwik Computer also offers Free Desktop packages for business. Let us take care of your systems and make sure they are running smoothly. Contact us to get Managed Computer  Support Plan for your Business

Our Team is well-versed in a variety of operating systems, networks, and databases. We work with just about any technology that a small business would encounter. We use this expertise to help our customers with small to mid-sized projects. We are Authorized Microsoft Silver Partner and can assist customers in identifying all their pain points and making sure their Microsoft subscription matches what they need.

Business Process Automation Company

Kwikcomputer is offering Computer Process Automation for small business to gain technical competitive advantage.

Contact us with your business Repetitive Process and we will find a better way to do it.

Examples of Automation :

Automation on any manual repetitive computer Tasks
Review Documents your company produces regularly.
Automatic SMS notification to increase response rate.
Chatbot to Increase Productivity.
AI to train New Employees.
Auto Submissions of Media
Automation reduces fraud by creating a full audit trail for approvals

What characterizes life at the workplace? Is it a tragic spot, characterized by dismal gatherings to figure out who is in charge of what undertakings, unending eye to eye discussions to pound out subtleties, and long days stuck in your desk area, confounded about what to do straight away? Or on the other hand, is it a glad and gainful spot where individuals know their jobs and have the devices to succeed?

Previously, a specific level of oppressed world and brokenness were the standard in numerous workplaces, however, that is starting to change with advancements like work process frameworks and procedure robotization. Truth be told, work process frameworks are one of the quickest developing classes of programming applications. As indicated by a few gauges, the market for work process applications is relied upon to develop by 23 percent continuously 2021, achieving offers of more than $9.87 billion.

Automation like these are changing how we work and make dealing with a bustling office less demanding than any time in recent memory.

IT support company in Irving

We Got IT!

Computers Solutions
PC Protection Package from Virus and Malware
Data Recovery for Evidence Purposes
Free Remote Diagnostic Service Available

Our Managed PC Protections Package is all you need to Protect Yourself From Cyber Threats, Ransomware and Malware.

Basic Pc Package

24*7 Built In Contact Form
Health Warning Pop Alerts
Tech Connector Remote Software.

PC Monitoring Package

Tech Monitoring Alert.

Kwik Computer Technology is located in 11th Floor of Wells Fargo Tower in Irving, Texas ( 800 W Airport Fwy, Irving, Texas, 75062). Suite number 47.

Our Desktop management plan helps in managing servers, laptops, personal computers, smartphones, and tablets from your key location.

Let us handle your regular desktop management Tasks like installing patches, disbursing software, imaging and implementing OS, managing your THAT Assets, managing software permits, monitoring software use stats, managing USB device use, taking control of distant desktops, plus more. It helps to manage Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Services We Provide

Patch Management
Automate patch deployments related to OS in addition to other third-party applications in addition to shield Windows and Macintosh from security threats.

Application Deployment
Simplify software supply to install and remove software with built-in web templates for package creation.

OS Imaging
Automatically image and release OS on Windows personal computers, along with the unit installation of required drivers in addition to applications using OS application.

Asset Supervision
Manage your current IT assets, software metering, software license management, forbidden software, plus more.

Remote Handle
Troubleshoot remote desktops together with multi-user collaboration, file exchange, video recording, plus more.

Strength Management
Go green together with effective power management by utilizing power schemes, shutting lower inactive computers and having system uptime reports.

Restrict in addition to control the use regarding USB Devices in typically the network both at the user-level and at the computer level.

Contact us to Schedule a Free Consultation.

Windows updates often fix a lot of problems, so download updates as soon as they become available. .

We are located in Irving ( Wells Fargo Tower)

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