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Why Digital Marketing?

“Customer doesn’t buy strategy but a company cannot sell without one” -SKC

With that opening line, Welcome to the world of Digital era where marketing is not a cost but an investment. ( Investments brings Returns, duh!!!)

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. For marketers, traditional media has played a critical role in their business for decades. But the growth in digital channel and competitions has demanded for more intimate and personalized interaction with the right audience at right time. And the Internet has provided a great platform globally since its inception.

A business started from their presence on the Internet to web commerce in no time and attracted lots of attention from other business due to its potential and reach.  Now along with the rise in web commerce comes the era of Digital Marketing, which gave the business an opportunity to directly connect with their audience

What are the  types of marketing 

Traditional Marketing ( Newspaper, Postcards, letters etc )

Digital Marketing ( Facebook, Google, Youtube etc )

What is the difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing?

Traditional marketing, you have to market to the whole region unlike digital marketing where you can choose to cater to specific Audience

It is hard to calculate the actual ROI from traditional marketing. Whereas, in digital marketing, you get customized detail report for each dollar spent

People are moving away from traditional media and guess where they are going? Yes, internet !!

People are more on the internet than ever, and more data are being collected on the user making it easier to target an ad to the right audience. That can’t be achieved via traditional marketing.

Which one of the digital marketing platforms is better for your business?

In short and sweet the answer is you need to take advantag of all the available paltform, but you can choose which platform you will focus depending upon your business model (a type of business ) and business stage ( age of business )

For example, If you’re in

Real estate business: Google ad is better for your business than Facebook ad

Fashion/e-commerce business: Facebook ad is better for your business than google ad. (With 2.2 billion monthly active users, (up 15 percent since 2017) advertisers can rest assured that Facebook is still the world’s social media heavyweight.)

Repair business: YouTube ad is better than Facebook ad (Internal data shows that YouTube viewers who’ve seen an ad are 10 times more likely to visit that brand’s channel, and then go ahead and watch more videos.)

Startup business: You are in the inception phase of your business and you need brand awareness to build brand reputation. Facebook ad is more recommended because of the huge audience base it has.

Brand: If you have been in business for a while and have earned the reputation you still need to take advantage of all the available platform. However, you can choose to study the Analytic reports from the campaigns and focus on the platform that gives you a better result.


Conclusion: So to conclude this we can say that everybody needs to try all the flavor of ice cream available just so they can pick their favorite. Like they guy buying lottery tickets said: ” you gotta be in it to win it”.  Without marketing, you are like motel hiding behind bushes.  Stop reading, the time is now, open a new tab and start creating a campaign for your business.

If you want to keep focusing on what you do best ” running your business” and want professionals to take care of your Marketing contact KwikComputer.

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