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SEO Tips on How to Improve Website Speed?

Website speed is very vital for SEO Ranking. The average load time for your website should be less than 4.0 seconds. There are many tools out there that allow you to check your website speed for free like pingdom and  Gtmetrix. 

There are many factors that go into your website speed performance, but the following are the five major ways to improve your website speed.

  • Minify JavaScripts :  This is the process of removing unnecessary or redundant data. You can easily do this by pasting your javascript in this site or you can also do this by using a WordPress plugin like autoptimizer or and fast velocity minify.
  • Hosting Server:  The location of the server and the place where you are accessing it plays a vital role in the speed. So make sure your servers proximity are close to your region.
    Irrespective of the location of the server, the server where the website is hosted might not have good specs and usually shared hosting slows this down
  • Leverage Browser Caching: Web server should allow the web browser to store visited web page resources temporarily on the local disk of the visitor. To enable this, you should set content expiry dates, add cache-control header and ETags should be turned off. This also can be done by using WordPress plugins like WP Fastest Cache.
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScrip and CSS : When a website is being loaded by a browser, Javascript and CSS resources may prevent the web page from being displayed until they are downloaded and processed. You should try to move any render-blocking resources out of critical rendering path. This can be done by adding defer or the async attribute.
  • Parallelize downloads across hostnames: Your Browser sets a limit on the number of concurrent connection to a host. A backlog is created when there are many resources waiting to be downloaded. One way around to fix this issue is by creating sub-domain such that parallel download is increased.


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