Second Line for Business

free secnod line for business

Hey to all  Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, …
Are you tired of giving out your personal number to your clients? Are you tired to picking telemarketer calls thinking they might be your client?

Is the fear of additional monthly bill stopping you from getting a second number?

Would you like to get a second number but not the second bill?

Lets us help you get the second number so that you can set business voicemail, send a message using a business number and better forward it to somebody when you on your vacation.

Let us set up the second number for you without any contract or monthly bill.
Onetime Setup fee $50. That’s all you pay us, one-time fee for setup.

Why Do You Need Second Line?

phone for my business for free

Benefits of Second Line

You know when its you Business call
You don’t have to Pick up call from unknown Numbers thinking they might be a client call.
You can have a permanent business number even if you change your personal service provider.
You don’t have a monthly bill.

What do you get ?

Phone for business second line free

Service you get

A local number assigned to you (Business Number)
Caller ID set up with your Business number.
Google Web Platform and Mobile App to send and receive Text Message.
Ability to call others using the same business number.

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