is lead generation website real? truth about lead geenration company

So you got a call from a call center and they promise to set up a website for a monthly fee and help you generate lead. Yes, this is for your read on.

Subscription website from Big agencies vs your own website.

This one goes to all the business people out there who has a Subscription website
Howdy So let start by explaining the process. You are starting a new business and you get all these sales to call promising all the leads in the world will be delivered for you.

They even tell you x number of people have inquired about the service or product in the last two days or so. You are a new business owner who has lots in his/ her plate, so you just pay the couple hundred dollars just to make them stop calling you every day.

Or did you go looking for a web development company and ended up signing for the big subscription-based website. Which promises to take care of your website maintenance and update. While the update is required now and then. You don’t need a subscription of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars.OK, enough of that …. Now let’s talk what should a business do

Let’s start by something I learned from a Patel Businessman.

They always do business in their own property, they don’t want to build goodwill for the landlord.

Let me explain. let’s suppose you open a C-store in somebody else property and it took years to build the business and the business is now doing over 100k a month in sales. You have set of customer that come to you and you make certain ( 28% )profit from the sales. This means you have build Goodwill for your business and if you now want to sell the business you can ask for the price of the inventory plus X dollar like 200k or 300k for Goodwill of the business.

But if the store is rented and you have a landlord then you have less bargain over the goodwill, the landlord might refuse renewal of a lease or might sell the property to your competition. You are now left with nothing.

Now let’s get back to your website. The scenario is similar if you lease the website. While doing so you are not building your own goodwill but building it for another company. The company is not exclusive to you. If a new competition comes to the market and he joins the same company? you don’t have an advantage over the new company. So it’s like you are paying to build goodwill for the third company.

So my suggestion is to build your website. You can still buy leads if you want from other companies. But now you have your website and the money you spent on subscription can be spent in building your own goodwill. Sooner as your website starts to grow you will have to build a competitive advantage among your competition.

You came up to the end, You are serious about your business, Contact us to learn more about the advantage of having your own website.

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