How to Make Smart home using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Make your Home Smart home by using your own Voice to control your house by using following Smart Devices.

  1. Turn on the Lights ( GE Smart lighting)
  2. Change the Temp of the room. (Thermostat)
  3. Change the Fan Speed ( Caseta)
  4. Make Coffee in the Morning (Currant)
  5. Turn on the Television.
  6. Smart DoorBell (Onelink)
  7. Instant Pot
  8. Smart bathroom ( Kohler)
  9. D link battery Wifi Water Sensor
  10. Altro Smart Lock
  11. U by Moen Smart Shower
  12. Sensor Mirro Hi-Fi Assitant
  13. Trifo Ironpie
  14. Whirlpool Smart Front-Load Washer
  15. Orbit B hyve Sprinkler controller
  16. Innit Kitchen

How cool will it sound at your next house party, when you use your Voice to dim the lights or to change the Tv Channel.

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