We are Authorized Microsoft Silver Partner and can assist customers in identifying all their your pain points and making sure their Microsoft subscription matches what they need.

We systematically identify and eliminate your liabilities and guarantee that you are as protected as you can be against today’s threats. We further increase your efficiency and usage of technology thereby making you more profitable Further More:
Customers of KwiKcomputer receive Cybersecurity Remediation Services at no additional charge when needed; an average value of 10K*
KwiKcomputer works with each client on a regular monthly basis and provides subject matter experts to the right people at the right time, and in the right way; it’s like having a staff of experts on hand that guides ALL aspects of your business, but you don’t have to pay them to stand around
Customers who engage KwiKcomputer can reduce their Insurance rates significantly*
Customers of KwiKcomputer increase their adoption rate by an average of 30%, which translates to a 30% increase in efficiency, and ultimately increases your profit*
KwiKcomputer guides each company along the prescribed best practice as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which translates to increased efficiency, agility, and profitability*
Local, State and Federal regulations, along with other industry compliance is continually monitored and remediated on a monthly basis, and KwiKcomputer guarantees the minimum liability*
Experts Services include; Cybersecurity and Forensic Examiners, Penetration Testing Experts, PCI and related NIST, FISMA, and HIPPA Assessments; Small Business Consulting, Process Engineering, Software Development Lifecycle Specialists, Local and State Government Specialists, Government Contracting Specialists, Scientists and Research Specialists, and more

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